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Mission Statement

Regardless of where and how you choose to distribute and sell your book, if it’s not professionally edited, and attractively laid out with eye catching design it’s going to get lost in the shuffle with the nearly half a million self published books that come out each year. Encircle Publications utilizes decades of traditional publishing knowledge and experience to turn the manuscripts of independent authors and small publishers into publishable attractive and professionally designed books and eBooks that are eye popping and ready to sell. Let’s face it; with so much to consider, self publishing is hard work. Writers should focus on what they do best: write. Encircle helps authors do just that. Whether it’s a professional editing service, book design, layout & conversion, printing services, marketing materials, or designing and setting up an author website/blog Encircle has you covered.

 Our Story


ncircle Publications is in business to provide a full array of publishing services for independent authors and small publishers. Not only do we produce high quality publications for our customers but we’re also a growing publishing house of our own. We’re celebrating nearly 20 years of publishing the esteemed New England poetry journal the Aurorean and a growing collection of high quality books and chapbooks.

Who are our customers?

We have many different breeds of customer. We service a major publishing imprint by producing over 100 professionally designed book covers for that client every month. Our other customers are independent self publishing authors who need a full array of publishing services to turn their manuscript into a beautifully designed published book or eBook. Then of course there’s our readers. After nearly 20 years of publishing highly acclaimed poetry journals, anthologies, and chapbooks, poetry readers come to Encircle Publications for some of the best contemporary poetry books being published today. All of our books are lovingly designed by our staff to the highest of standards in the poetry publishing world.

Why choose us?

Professionalism and experience. We have clientele that are major publishing houses. We have a team professional designers and editors with decades of experience designing and editing books for the big guys. Not only that but we’re a bonafide publishing house ourselves. Our journals and chapbooks are well renowned for their high quality production. We can make an independent author’s self published book look as good as a professional publishing house’s, and provide the materials and platforms to help that author market and get the word out.


[Encircle Publications] did an outstanding job creatively to develop the cover spreads for my books – Due Diligence Secrets and Internal Controls published by Buchanan Publishing. The process from initial concept, through preliminary drafts to final design was seamless as [Encircle] provided a professional turn-key solution for my books. Additionally, the collaboration of [the Encircle team] was outstanding and made the book printing process easy.
Keith McAslan, Buchanan Publishing
[Encircle Publications] designed the cover of my book, WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR? The design captures perfectly the persona of the lead character, making it a no-brainer for potential readers to judge my book by its cover and helping to boost sales in the process.
Caroline Taylor, Caroline's Stories
A wonderful job working with me on pr materials for my historical mystery novel, THE SIGN OF THE WEEPING VIRGIN.
Alana White, AlanaWhite.com
[The Encircle Publications] team did a fantastic job on the cover for my mystery, THE ILLUMINATED VINEYARD (Five Star/Gale Cengage 2011). The cover they created not only conveyed the mood and setting of the story but also appealed to the eye in a striking way. I have had more than one reader comment on how memorable the cover was. I also ordered bookmarks and postcards using the cover design and was impressed with the quality on all counts.
Jean Moynahan, Jean Moynahan
Encircle Publications designed a terrific cover for my debut mystery novel, NO LESS IN BLOOD. A lot of people at this year’s Printers’ Row book fair came over to ask about my novel just because that cover caught their eye. Thanks much to Devin McGuire and his talented staff, for finding such a dramatic photo and tweaking it in ways that made it perfect.
Diane Piron-Gelman, Diane Piron-Gelman
I have received so many compliments … Comments have ranged from ‘beautiful to “dynamic”, and many people have noted how quickly the color and intensity will catch the eye. Thanks to the artist for an awesome job!
Pat Stoltey
Just got back from vacation–this is great! Can you please pass my thanks/compliments on to the artist? The painting really nails it.
Michael McCulloch
You guys are the absolute best! I don’t just like the cover, I LOVE IT! You captured the essence of my story, precisely. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you, and thank Deirdre (ENC designer) so very much. I knew you guys were good, but now I know you’re the best! I’ll think of you and Deirdre every time I have my new book in hand. No worries, I’ll ‘think of you fondly’ as Andrew Lloyd Webber’s song goes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Joanne Sundell
That is fabulous!!!! I consider myself very lucky to have had such wonderful covers to my books – or perhaps it’s more the impeccable taste of the team… 🙂 Many thanks from a thrilled writer
Narrelle M. Harris