Here in Maine, there is one patch of snow left as I write this on April 30th. No matter, because our Spring/Summer 2019 issue has arrived!

All issues were mailed out today to our readers, subscribers, and contributors. NewPages has said of the Aurorean: “[It] is a jam-packed journal of poetic delights, one to add to a subscription list.” So, if you have not subscribed, do so now! (subscriptions begin with the next published issue). Don’t forget, returning subscribers, that you can save 10% if you renew online between now and June 15th!

Or, order up a copy of our hot-off-the-press Spring/Summer issue so you don’t miss out! This issue features the poetry of Egan Millard and Thomas R. Smith. Other selected contributors include Carol Amato, Terri L. French, Peter Jastermsky, George Looney, Ranjani Neriya, Bryan Rickert, Laura Rodley, Joanne Stokkink, Tim Suermondt, Carol Tyx, Martin Willitts, Jr., and Andrena Zawinski. Grab it now at:
Take it wherever you go on your travels this summer—fill up those vacation/beach bags with 70 pages of “poetic delights.”

Your Editor, Cynthia