Spring/Summer: Finally Here!

We are very pleased to announce the publication of our Spring/Summer 2018 issue!

Our Featured Poets are Gary Metras and Paula Weld-Cary. So many fine poets make up the pages of this issue, and I’d like to thank them all. And you, readers, and subscribers, for supporting us!

I must issue an apology to Featured Poet Paula Weld-Cary, whose name is spelled incorrectly on our back cover. Our deepest apologies. We try to be as typo-free as possible, and we erred big time on this one.

You may purchase the issue, pictured below at https://encirclepub.com/aurorean/product/aurorean-springsummer-18

If you are a brand new subscriber, please see our BOGO (buy one get one FREE) offer at https://encirclepub.com/aurorean/product/national-poetry-month-bogo-new-gift-subscription/

Now, as we all enjoy these gorgeous spring and summer months, we will be busy here, working on our Fall/Winter 2018–2019 issue, so remember to submit by August 15th!

~Cynthia Brackett-Vincent, publisher/editor

Spring/Summer 2018

We are looking forward to reviewing all the submissions received for our Spring/Summer 2018 issue! PLEASE NOTE: All submissions received now through 8/15/18 will be reviewed for Fall/Winter 2018–2019. Ready for spring? Reserve your copy of the upcoming issue (to be published late April) here http://encirclepub.com/aurorean/product/aurorean-springsummer-18/

—Cynthia, publisher/editor


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2017 Pushcart Prize Nominations

Encircle Publications is Pleased to Announce

its nominations for the Pushcart Prize for calendar year 2017 (from the Aurorean, and from our poetry books and chapbooks). They are as follows:

“The Hungry Man” (poem) by Thomas A. West, Jr., from the Spring/Summer 2017 issue of the Aurorean

 “Salk Sonatina” (poem) by John Surowiecki, from the book, Martha Playing Wiffle Ball in Her Wedding Dress

 “Master of Disguises” (poem) by Jonathan Greenhause, from the chapbook, Secret Traits of Everyday Things

 “The Word You Listened For” (poem) by Charles Butterfield, from the Fall/Winter 2017–2018 issue of the Aurorean

“The Truest Myth” (poem) by Bill Brown, from the Fall/Winter 2017–2018 issue of the Aurorean

 “Dementia” (poem) by Teresa Sutton, from the forthcoming chapbook, Breaking Newton’s Laws.

We congratulate all the nominees and are grateful that you shared your work with us!

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Fall/Winter 2017–2018

It’s here! Once again, New England’s Premier Independent Poetry Journal “will fill you up” (as NewPages has said in review) for the seasons at hand. With poetry (including haiku) from all corners of New England, the United States, as well as Canada, France, and New Zealand, this gorgeous issue is sure to inspire. Featured Poets are Susan Hawkshaw and Gus Peterson. Showcase Poets are Wayne F. Burke, Amy Gordon, Matthew J. Spireng, and David Wyman. Bookend Poets are Joe Bisicchia and Steve Kupferschmid. Other selected contributors include Kelly Cressio-Moeller, Eric Greinke, Ellaraine Lockie, and Sheila Wellehan. We expect this issue to sell out quickly, so if you have not ordered yours yet, head over to this link: http://encirclepub.com/aurorean/product/aurorean-fallwinter-17/

Other notes from your editor:

  1. As of today, there is just under three months to submit for the Spring/Summer (late April) issue. Time speeds by, and most often, we forget to submit until the last minute. As we are continually reviewing submissions and filling up space in the upcoming issue, it is prudent to submit early! Head on over to https://encirclepublications.submittable.com/submit/20626/the-aurorean where Submittable makes it easy.
  2. Encircle Publications will be announcing our 2017 Pushcart Prize nominations soon, right here. Stay tuned!

      Cheers, Cynthia





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Spring/Summer 2017 is here!

Aurorean friends, we are delighted that the Spring/Summer 2017 issue is out in the mail to all of you! One month later than usual due to a recent illness, but out in the mail to you!

We are especially delighted to feature the work of William Hunt & Samantha Lê. With this issue, we reach the milestone of having published exactly 1,430 poets from all over the world since 1995.

We are excited that this particular issue boasts more contributors from outside the United States than any other. Included are poets from Canada, Germany, Nigeria, Pakistan, Switzerland, and The United Kingdom. May the spirit of the Aurorean (“luminescent, like the dawn”) continue to reach far and wide.

In that spirit, we encourage you to submit for the upcoming Fall/Winter issue (on target for late October publication) by August 15th. Thank-you to all who have contributed to our journal as we enter our 22nd year of continuous publication!

Warmly and in Poetry,

Your Publisher/Editor


Announcement RE: Spring/Summer 2017 Issue


Our Aurorean Subscribers Sustain Us

The Aurorean has been going strong for over 20 years. We want to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported the Aurorean in those years! As an independent poetry journal, we rely solely on your help to keep the Aurorean a print publication in an age when it is much more cost-efficient to publish online. Whether you’ve bought a copy or copies, donated to our Angels program, or are a valued subscriber, we thank you for making it possible for us to publish over 1,350 poets since 1995.

We are committed to continuing our mission for at least the next twenty years, and we ask you to consider committing to help us achieve that goal. Subscribing to the Aurorean is the most effective way of helping to sustain us in these difficult economic times.

Will you make a commitment? Buckle in for a five-year ride, and we’ll make sure you don’t miss a single issue of New England’s premier independent poetry journal. We’ll also will send you our 20th Anniversary Issue AS WELL AS Favorites from the First Fifteen Years, our beautiful, 115-page acclaimed anthology (finalist in the 2013 Maine Literary Awards) of poems from the first fifteen years of the Aurorean as a thank-you.

Here’s the link: http://encirclepub.com/aurorean/product/aurorean-5-year-subscription/

With gratitude,

Your Editors

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Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene reviews Surowiecki’s Missing Persons

To read the review click below:

Missing Persons by John Surowiecki


20th Anniversary Reading



132 Main Street, Plymouth, MA 02360

WHEN: DECEMBER 12TH, 2015, 2–4pm

Join us for an afternoon of superb poetry as we celebrate 20 years of continuous publication as an independent poetry journal. We will present the work of 30 New England poets whose work appears in this milestone issue, including both of our Featured Poets. Refreshments available; open to the public.


The Aurorean was founded in Plymouth, MA (where Publisher/Editor Cynthia grew up) in 1995 and since, has published over 1,300 poets worldwide and has received national and regional critical acclaim.

We are thankful to Jennifer Harris of the Plymouth Public Library for helping us coordinate this event.

Please Join the Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/491123414403402

Library’s Events Calendar: http://www.plymouthpubliclibrary.org/upcoming-events

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Go Write Your Heart Out When the Spirit Moves You

It’s a gray November day, except for the overgrown blackberry bushes’ leaves hanging yellow and bright outside my window. Five (work) days ago, I returned home from a cruise to Bermuda. So far, I’ve managed only to unpack, do several loads of laundry, reorganize our recycling, pack up gifts for our 20th Anniversary Aurorean contributors, and reply to the most urgent emails in my Inbox. Already feeling slightly guilty for having accomplished little since my return, that guilt now becomes magnified on this last workday of the week, because I’m feeling tired, unmotivated, and I’m staring out that window.


Add to that, many of my writer-friends are participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and I’m seeing their word-counts add up on Facebook. They are writing like mad (and more power to them!). Although I love National Poetry Month in April (especially Poem in Your Pocket Day), I don’t even participate in NaPoWriMo because I hate forcing poems out. That’s just me, but even more to feel guilty about.

As I continue to stare out the window (Billy Collins would be pleased), I see some of the leaves rustling out of the corner of my eye. And then I see why. A large doe is feasting on summer’s leftovers. I move closer to the window and see she’s not alone. Her fawn is with her, and both are unaware of me spying on them as they leisurely enjoy the day and its offerings with flicks of their white tails, their noses in the air between bites of vegetation. But they are there for another reason. For me to receive my lesson for the day. As I watch them for fifteen minutes or so, the guilt of the “shoulds” melts away. I SHOULD be watching them—right now, at this moment.

As a matter of fact, what I want to do now is to begin work afresh on Monday. There are deadlines, poems to read and respond to, manuscripts to read and respond to, events to plan, marketing ideas to consider, directories to update, and even a finished children’s book of my own to put the final touches on and to send out for consideration. But there is nothing that can’t wait until Monday. And now, I want to go into my writing room and create a poem. It might be about the deer. It might not. But it won’t be forced, and if it doesn’t come, I’ll move on to another project close to my heart.

No guilt, just creation. Take a moment to look out the window, even if you think there’s nothing to see. And go write your heart out when the spirit moves you.

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