Fall/Winter 2019–2020 Issue

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Our Fall/Winter 2019–2020 issue is here—just in time for Maine’s first snowfall! We are delighted to offer you featured poems by Sara Letourneau and Martin Willitts, Jr., showcase poetry by Maureen Ash, Peter Neil Carroll, Carol Grametbauer, and Dave Nielsen, bookend poetry by Lorraine Caputo and Mary Ann Mayer, and sixty other talented poetic voices including Robbie Gamble, Simon Perchik, and Neil Silberblatt.

Order your copy here to keep you warm all through the early-dark days of late fall and winter: http://encirclepub.com/aurorean/product/fall-winter-2019-2020-aurorean/.

Reminders: We are currently reviewing for Spring/Summer 2020. Get your submissions in by February 15th, 2020 (snail mail or through Submittable). We are looking for seasonal quotes for our Spring/Summer issue—if we use your quote, we send you two free issues! Please see our contests page.

Also, we look forward to our 25th Anniversary Issue, to be published late October 2020. Keep an eye out here for our celebratory plans which will include a public reading.

One last note: If you are a subscriber, renew now (or renew early to extend your subscription) to lock in our 2019 price. We have not raised our rates in over a decade, but due to postal costs rising exponentially in the last few years, we must do so beginning with the 25th Anniversary Issue. Here is the subscriber link: https://encirclepub.com/aurorean/product/the-aurorean-subscription-in-paperback-format/. YOU MAY SUBSCRIBE OR RENEW FOR AS MANY YEARS AS YOU LIKE USING THE QUANTITY BUTTON TO INSURE THE 2019 PRICE.

As we move into the holidays season, we wish you happy celebrations!

2019 Pushcart Prize Nominations

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Encircle Publications is pleased to announce its nominations for the Pushcart Prize for poetry we have published in the calendar year 2019.

They are as follows:

1) “Feast” by Thomas A. West, Jr., from the Spring/Summer 2019 (Vol. XXIV Issue 1) issue of the Aurorean

2) “Letter to a Pedophile: In the Ruins I Search for You” by Lee Varon, from the book, Letters to a Pedophile

3) “When We Had Orchards When We Had Moonbeams” by Helen Leslie Sokolsky, from the Fall/Winter 2019–2020 (Vol. XXIV Issue 2) issue of the Aurorean

4) “Waiting for the Results” by Kyle Potvin, from the book Except for Love: New England Poems Inspired by Donald Hall

5) “Charlie Chaplin Jumps the Median” by D. E. Green, from the book, Jumping the Median

6) “Tenebrae” by Mark J. Mitchell, from the book, Starting from Tu Fu.

Congratulations to all of our nominees! We are grateful for your words.

Fall/Winter 2019–2020

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Updated publication information: The Fall/Winter 2019–2020 issue will be published mid-November, 2019.

Spring/Summer: Arrived!

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Here in Maine, there is one patch of snow left as I write this on April 30th. No matter, because our Spring/Summer 2019 issue has arrived!

All issues were mailed out today to our readers, subscribers, and contributors. NewPages has said of the Aurorean: “[It] is a jam-packed journal of poetic delights, one to add to a subscription list.” So, if you have not subscribed, do so now! https://encirclepub.com/aurorean/product/the-aurorean-subscription-in-paperback-format/ (subscriptions begin with the next published issue). Don’t forget, returning subscribers, that you can save 10% if you renew online between now and June 15th!

Or, order up a copy of our hot-off-the-press Spring/Summer issue so you don’t miss out! This issue features the poetry of Egan Millard and Thomas R. Smith. Other selected contributors include Carol Amato, Terri L. French, Peter Jastermsky, George Looney, Ranjani Neriya, Bryan Rickert, Laura Rodley, Joanne Stokkink, Tim Suermondt, Carol Tyx, Martin Willitts, Jr., and Andrena Zawinski. Grab it now at: https://encirclepub.com/aurorean/product/spring-summer-2019-aurorean/
Take it wherever you go on your travels this summer—fill up those vacation/beach bags with 70 pages of “poetic delights.”

Your Editor, Cynthia

Spring Sale!

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Happy Spring!

Even though the snow has yet to melt in Maine, we are making shelf room for Spring/Summer, so we are offering 25% off the Fall/Winter 2018–2019 issue! You can’t go wrong because our price includes shipping! Get yours now while they last! https://encirclepub.com/aurorean/product/fall-winter-2018-2019-aurorean/

2018 Pushcart Prize Nominations

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Encircle Publications is pleased to announce its Pushcart Prize nominations for the following poems for calendar year 2018:

1) “Home Waters” by Gary Metras, from the Spring/Summer 2018 (Vol. XXIII Issue 1) issue of the Aurorean

2) “Notes for a Poem: The Liquidation of History” by Leonard Kress, from the book, Living in the Candy Store

3) “Cezanne’s Apples” by Cordelia Hanemann, from the Fall/Winter 2018–2019 (Vol. XXIII Issue 2) issue of the Aurorean

4) “Water, the Year of My Cancer” by Tzynya Pinchback, from the Fall/Winter 2018–2019 (Vol. XXIII Issue 2) issue of the Aurorean

5) “Flight” by Clemens Carl Schoenebeck, from the book, Where the Time Went: Poems at Eighty

6) “Homage to Mistress Bradford” by Paul Lindholdt, from the forthcoming (December 2018) book, Making Landfall.

Congrats to all the nominees! —Cynthia Brackett-Vincent, publisher/editor

Fall/Winter: It’s Here!

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Literally, fall/winter is here! The change of seasons is in full swing in Maine—our first ‘real’ snowfall arrived last weekend!

We’re very pleased to celebrate twenty-three full years of publishing with the release of our brand-new, hot-off-the-press Fall/Winter issue:

With it, we celebrate a special milestone—we have officially published our 1,500th poet. We also celebrate a very special recent review from NewPages (you can read it here: https://www.newpages.com/literary-magazine-reviews/aurorean-spring-summer-2018). In short, NewPages says: “The Aurorean is a powerhouse of poetry…[It] is more than a journal of poetry. It is a community of writers who, while being brought into a collection by editors, seem more like a symposium of poets who planned this publication to gift to their readers—which speaks to the skills of said editors…[It] is a jam-packed journal of poetic delights, one to add to a subscription list.” We couldn’t be more pleased.

So, hunker down and enjoy all the poems packed into this issue. Order yours here: http://encirclepub.com/aurorean/product/fall-winter-2018-2019-aurorean/ We especially welcome our Featured Poets Becky Kennedy, and Roberta Marggraff, as well as Showcase Poets Tobi Alfier, Holly Day, George Guida, and Ed Meek, and our Bookend Poets Thomas Griffin, and Tzynya Pinchback.

Already thinking of warmer days? Then send your spring/summer poems to us by 2/15/19 as we already prepare for the next issue. Submittable makes it easy: https://encirclepublications.submittable.com/submit/20626/the-aurorean

Warmest of wishes as we enter the holiday season. Why not order an extra copy of our brand new issue for the poetry lover on your list? For just $11, you’ll give the gift of poetry all season long.





Spring/Summer: Finally Here!

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We are very pleased to announce the publication of our Spring/Summer 2018 issue!

Our Featured Poets are Gary Metras and Paula Weld-Cary. So many fine poets make up the pages of this issue, and I’d like to thank them all. And you, readers, and subscribers, for supporting us!

I must issue an apology to Featured Poet Paula Weld-Cary, whose name is spelled incorrectly on our back cover. Our deepest apologies. We try to be as typo-free as possible, and we erred big time on this one.

You may purchase the issue, pictured below at https://encirclepub.com/aurorean/product/aurorean-springsummer-18

If you are a brand new subscriber, please see our BOGO (buy one get one FREE) offer at https://encirclepub.com/aurorean/product/national-poetry-month-bogo-new-gift-subscription/

Now, as we all enjoy these gorgeous spring and summer months, we will be busy here, working on our Fall/Winter 2018–2019 issue, so remember to submit by August 15th!

~Cynthia Brackett-Vincent, publisher/editor

Spring/Summer 2018

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We are looking forward to reviewing all the submissions received for our Spring/Summer 2018 issue! PLEASE NOTE: All submissions received now through 8/15/18 will be reviewed for Fall/Winter 2018–2019. Ready for spring? Reserve your copy of the upcoming issue (to be published late April) here http://encirclepub.com/aurorean/product/aurorean-springsummer-18/

—Cynthia, publisher/editor


2017 Pushcart Prize Nominations

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Encircle Publications is Pleased to Announce

its nominations for the Pushcart Prize for calendar year 2017 (from the Aurorean, and from our poetry books and chapbooks). They are as follows:

“The Hungry Man” (poem) by Thomas A. West, Jr., from the Spring/Summer 2017 issue of the Aurorean

 “Salk Sonatina” (poem) by John Surowiecki, from the book, Martha Playing Wiffle Ball in Her Wedding Dress

 “Master of Disguises” (poem) by Jonathan Greenhause, from the chapbook, Secret Traits of Everyday Things

 “The Word You Listened For” (poem) by Charles Butterfield, from the Fall/Winter 2017–2018 issue of the Aurorean

“The Truest Myth” (poem) by Bill Brown, from the Fall/Winter 2017–2018 issue of the Aurorean

 “Dementia” (poem) by Teresa Sutton, from the forthcoming chapbook, Breaking Newton’s Laws.

We congratulate all the nominees and are grateful that you shared your work with us!