Writer’s Guidelines/Submission Process

NOTE: Submissions Received now through 8/15/20

will be considered for the Fall/Winter 2020–2021 issue

(our 25th anniversary issue).

WHO WE ARE: The Aurorean is a poetry journal published continuously since December 1995 by Encircle Publications LLC. Publisher/Editor Cynthia Brackett-Vincent. Spring/Summer issue (late April) and Fall/Winter issue (late October) issues each year. Professionally printed and perfect-bound; 70 pages total; glossy cover.

• 2 Featured Poets each issue: Publication of 2-4 poems, and an extended bio. Featured Poets receive 7 contributor’s copies, a digitally enhanced issue, and a one-year subscription.

• 2 “Bookend Poets” each issue: Immediately following the first and preceding the second Featured Poet, a short, poignant poem of 4-14 lines. “Bookend Poets” receive 3 copies of the issue, a digitally enhanced issue, and a one-year subscription.

• 4 “Showcase Poets” each issue: Immediately following the first and preceding the second “Bookend Poet,” publication of 2 outstanding poems on facing pages. “Showcase Poets” receive five copies of the issue, a digitally enhanced issue, and a one-year subscription.

WHAT WE SEEK: We seek your original poetry that is inspirational, meditational and regional (pertaining to the Northeast). Although these are our focus, we are open to subject matter as well as varied forms and style. We evaluate poetry on several levels including its skillful use of poetic craft; its ability to hold interest; its layers of meaning. We do not publish anything hateful, overly religious or vulgar. We use very few rhyming or love poems. We are especially interested in positiveness, recovery and nature, as well as haiku. We often need short poems (up to six lines). We do not review simultaneous submissions or previously published poems*.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Please send one to five poems with a cover letter. To give all submitters a fair read, if we receive more than five poems—or five pages of haiku—we will review only the first five pages in the submission.Type (if possible), one poem per page; 32 lines maximum including stanza spacing. You may include more than one haiku per page. Typographical oddities are acceptable as long as we can reproduce them on our page. Prose poems are often too wide for our format. (Approximately 75 characters is our limit for line-width.) Include your name, address, e-mail and phone number on the upper right of every page. For postal submissions: include a self addressed stamped envelope (SASE) with sufficient postage for return/reply (or in the case of international submissions, a self-addressed envelope with an IRC (International Reply Coupon). We prefer submissions in #10 envelopes (standard business-size). We cannot return or reply to manuscripts without a SASE (or SAE and IRC). NO E-MAIL SUBMISSIONS! Please do not fold poems folded individually. ANY correspondence sent “postage due” is returned unopened. All submissions {meeting these guidelines} are acknowledged upon receipt. If you do not receive a postcard or e-mail shortly after submitting, we have not received your submission or you did not include a SASE.

* WE NOW ACCEPT SUBMISSIONS ONLINE VIA SUBMITTABLE. If you want to submit online, click here: https://encirclepublications.submittable.com/submit/20626/the-aurorean

DEADLINES & WHEN TO EXPECT A REPLY:  When planning submissions for a particular issue, also be aware that our deadlines are received-by deadlines (in the case of postal submissions, not postmark deadlines). In order to reply to manuscripts within the time promised, and to insure that we consistently publish and mail our journal on time, we regret that we cannot make exceptions. Submit early in the reading period to avoid missing the deadline.

Deadline for Spring/Summer issue: must be received by February 15th; deadline for Fall/Winter issue: must be received by August 15th. Keep deadlines in mind when submitting seasonal poems (for example, a poem mentioning Valentine’s Day would need to be submitted by the previous August 15th; a poem mentioning July 4th would need to be received here by February 15th and so on). All work will be replied to within three months of receipt, maximum. Please do not query until 100 days have passed. Query by e-mail, please.

CONTRIBUTORS COPIES AND RIGHTS: Contributors receive one copy (per poem published; maximum two contributor’s copies/issue) and a digitally enhanced version of the issue in which their work appeared. (Postal contributors receive instructions on how to submit a bio for each appearance in the Aurorean.) All rights revert back to the author upon publication. Please credit the Aurorean if the work is published elsewhere after appearing in the Aurorean. The Aurorean retains rights to “Best Poems” to appear on our website for up to one year. We also retain rights to read any of the Featured Poets’ work in a promotional video. We may also individually request permission to read poems published in the Aurorean for our digitally enhanced versions.

HELPFUL TIPS: Although you never have to purchase or subscribe to submit, it is always helpful to see a copy of any journal you plan to submit to; poets should be absolutely sure they want their work to appear in a particular market before submitting. Blind submissions are the number one factor in rejection.

We look forward to your submissions!

*”Previously published” poems include poems previously published anywhere—even if in a different version—in print/in electronic version/and or on the Internet. If your work has placed in or won a contest, but has not yet been published, it is considered not previously published (but please provide contest details).
* “Simultaneous submissions” include poems that are under consideration elsewhere. In over nineteen years of publishing, the Aurorean has a near-perfect record of replying to submissions when promised. Therefore, if you feel you cannot wait 90 days maximum (plus mailing time if applicable) to hear from us, you should submit elsewhere.

Updated 02/18/20