Encircle Mysteries

The mystery genre has roots to the mid-19th century with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle perhaps being it's most notable author of the era. The genre arguably enjoyed its biggest rise in popularity during the 1920's and 30's as detective mysteries became all the rage. The mystery genre maintains its stature as one of the most popular in the English language to this day. The best mysteries engage a reader's sense of self and reason through strong development of the main character, but as a genre the content and style is wildly diverse. Humor, drama, suspense, thrills, and plot twists all abound across this genre.

We might be small, we might be just starting out, but we seek to grow a diverse selection of the best books the genre has to offer. From the wildly popular Paul Jacobson geezer lit Series of Mike Befeler to what will be a growing line of cozys, hard boiled, and mystery thrillers; these are page turners that mystery readers of all types will come to love.

Mike Befeler

Senior Moments are Murder


Catherine Dilts

Stone Cold Blooded