Core Staff


Cynthia Brackett-Vincent
Cynthia Brackett-VincentPublisher/Editor
Eddie Vincent
Eddie VincentOwner
Devin McGuire
Devin McGuireEditor/Designer


Our Designers

Our team of designers and illustrators are all highly skilled independent contractors from around the country. We represent them, acting as their agents on a per-job basis. Together we have successfully completed over 1,000 projects since April 2006.

We believe this type of relationship benefits both the artist and the client looking for design services. We are able to advise and choose the right designer for each client’s individual needs. Our list of artists is always growing, giving us new talents to choose from, ensuring the very best for our clients.

Beth has a Bachelor of Fine Arts/Photography degree, and has been a part of our team for the last four years, her freelance  experience  has given her  a unique style that  has  made her a valuable part of our team.


Our Partners

Brittiany Koren (Owner of Written Dreams, Editorial and Writing Services)
Brittiany Koren (Owner of Written Dreams, Editorial and Writing Services)Editor
Written Dreams provides editorial guidance to fiction and non-fiction writers on their manuscripts, book series, and writing careers. Brittiany Koren has over 15 years experience in the publishing industry and specializes in editing romances, mysteries, and fantasy plots. She is also a writer, and knows how to dig deep to make characters live and breathe with a depth-filled plot. Her team of editors are experienced professionals and will work hard with you, the writer, to address any of your manuscript concerns on plot, character, setting, suspension of disbelief, tension, action, dialogue, point of view switches, first person versus third person point of views, grammar, pacing, and so much more.
Rory McGuire
Rory McGuireWeb Designer/Developer
“Rory completely overhauled our website and did a great job with the coding and providing very good marketing and branding input. I then hired Rory a second time to help with another site, even though it was a platform he was not familiar with and would need to learn about on the job. Rory did an excellent job on the second website as well.” —Steve Musica