Product Description

Senior Moments Are Murder
A Paul Jacobson Geezer-lit Mystery (book 3)
by Mike Befeler
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-893035-37-9
$13.99 Paperback

Imagine waking up in a place you didn’t recognize, not remembering anything from the day before and then finding a dead body. Or consider a male Miss Marple enmeshed in a lighthearted Memento with a dash of Fifty First Dates.In this, the third of the Paul Jacobson Geezer-Lit Mystery Series, cantankerous octogenarian Paul Jacobson must solve a series of murders while struggling with the problems of his short-term memory loss. Paul learns about the homeless community, disreputable art dealers and the beach scene in Venice Beach, California, and must dance a geezer two-step to stay out of the clutches of the police and the bad guys.

“Mystery fans of all ages will welcome Befeler’s humorous cozy”.

—Publishers Weekly


“[T]he amnesiac whodunit is freshened by a geriatric hero whose short-term memory loss is all too believable. It’s the sort of cozy your grandparents would love.”

—Kirkus Reviews