The Bleak and Empty Sea – A Merlin Mystery, by Jay Ruud

The Bleak and Empty Sea – A Merlin Mystery, by Jay Ruud


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The Bleak and Empty Sea – A Merlin Mystery
The Tristram and Isolde Story
by Jay Ruud
Pub Date: 11/10/17
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-893035-73-7
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When word comes to Camelot that Sir Tristram has died in Brittany of wounds suffered in a skirmish, and that his longtime mistress, La Belle Isolde, Queen of Cornwall, has subsequently died herself of a broken heart, Queen Guinevere and her trusted lady Rosemounde immediately suspect that there is more to the story of the lovers’ deaths than they are being told. It is up to Merlin and his faithful assistant, Gildas of Cornwall, to find the truth behind the myths and half-truths surrounding these untimely deaths. By the time they are finally able to uncover the truth, Gildas and Merlin have lost one companion and are in danger of losing their own lives.

“Fans of medieval mysteries and Arthurian legends will enjoy this imaginative tale of
gallant knights” —Library Journal

“It’s ingenious how Ruud is able to both stick close to a kind of scholarly outline of the period (he sets his story in the high Middle Ages, when the legend of Arthur circulated so widely) and of the court, and at the same time draw such lively, fun characters . . . . It’s all good fun, a fantastic read that will barely take you any time at all. And I can guarantee you won’t be able to guess who did it” —John Vanderslice, author of Island Fog, on Goodreads



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