The Righteous Revenge Of Lucy Moon, by Bill Brooks

The Righteous Revenge Of Lucy Moon, by Bill Brooks

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The Righteous Revenge Of Lucy Moon
by Bill Brooks
$6.99 (eBook)

Like Mattie Ross in Charles Portis’s True Grit, Lucy Moon is a young woman intent on seeing justice done for the brutal assassination of a parent.

When Lucy Moon learns of her mama’s murder, she cuts short her honeymoon and returns to the Pistol Barrel of Oklahoma with her new husband in tow. It’s a wild and raucous land full of the kind of gunfighters, backshooters, gamblers and pimps who could have shot Belle out of the saddle. Determined to get revenge by whatever means necessary, Lucy never counted on being seduced by the mysterious half-breed Red Dog ― who just might have been the assassin.

Follow Lucy Moon into the wildest territory of Oklahoma, where every man is his own law and every jury is picked by a smoking gun.


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