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Here’s the most inexpensive way to see what the Unrorean has to offer its readers. Take a trip back in time and order up some of our digital back-issues for only $1 per issue! the Unrorean entering its 15th year of existence and has published some of the finest voices in poetry today. In our list of back issues you can find the work of:

Oliver Rice, Yahia Lababibi, Carey Lee Babcock, Jerome L. McElroy, Tim Napier, John Sibley Williams, Mitchell Untch, Lyn Lifshin, Alan Catlin, Dave Reddall, John Yamrus, Dawn Potter, Alan Catlin, Manolis, Jack Galmitz, R L Raymond, Charles Clifford Brooks, Lyn Lifshin, Heidi Morrell, Ellen Maybe, Gale Acuff, A.J. Huffman, Laura Rodley, Simon Perchik,  B.Z. Niditch, Mark J. Mitchell, Michael Meinhoff, John T. Hitchner, Lawrence Gladeview, April Salzano, Tim Jurney, Colin Dodds, Herb Guggenheim, Douglas Cole,  Holly Day, D.S. Maolalai, Steve Ausherman, John Grey,  Amanda-Gaye Smith & many more!!


Photo credit: Foxtongue / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

If your curious about whether or not your work is a fit for our broadsheet looking to our past and reading some of our back issues is the best way to find out.

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