the Unrorean:

bad little brother of the Aurorean


Our Story

Begun in 2001 as a poetry broadsheet that would serve as the aler-ego to the Aurorean, the Unrorean has published some of the most recognized poets in the small press as well as new and upcoming poets. In 2016 the Unrorean transitioned from print publication to digital online publication and is now free and available to the widest audience possible.


February 2017 Update:

The Unrorean has gone into indefinite hiatus.

What we’re looking for

Seasonal, meditative, inspirational, and nature poems need not apply, send those instead to the Aurorean. We are looking for poetry with a lot of verve that has a harder edge to it. Narrative poetry is generally well received if it’s crafted well. Other types of poetry we like to see include stripped micro poetry, modern contemporary tanka and haiku, prose poems, surrealist and language poetry, humorous poetry, bar room poetry, poetry from the street, the gutter, the trailer park, or a muddy dirt road off the grid. We generally shy away from politically or religiously themed poetry but strive to keep an open mind to it.