A Rain—, (A reading)

Devin McGuire (Editor of the Unrorean) reads the poem “A Rain—” by John Barrale. “A Rain—” won the Editors Pick for the Spring 2016 issue of the Unrorean

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Dead swans and pissed off lovers. Celebrating 15 years

Copyright: Nick Brandt, Nick Brandt Photography

The latest offering from the Unrorean (Summer/Fall15′) marks a milestone issue. Celebrating 15 years in publication this issue showcases the wild diversity our readers have come to love by simultaneously publishing one of the longest poems and the shortest poem in the broadsheet’s history.

D.S. Maolalai makes a return appearance with two poems, winning our “Editor’s pick” for his lengthy narrative “The way her blonde hair looked in the morning”. Maolalai’s work has a unique way of sloshing around in the bile of unpleasant memories in order to grasp at meaning and understanding. His winning poem details the memory of an insecure young lover’s scathing jealousy, while “The reeds didn’t move at all.” directs it’s focus at the putrid memory of two men observing a dead floating swan.

Michael Meinhoff returns in this issue with the shortest poem ever published by the Unrorean. This piece, titled “Notes on Meditation” clocks in with zero words. Is it still a poem? You’re damn straight it’s still a poem! Buy the issue and see for yourself.

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