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[two_third  last=”yes”]Devin joined us in 2007 as an intern from the BFA in Creative Writing Program at the University of Maine at Farmington. He is now with us full-time as Assistant Editor for the Aurorean, Editor for the Unrorean , Co-Editor and Marketing Representative for Encircle’s Publications LLC’s growing chapbook titles, and a graphic designer for Encircle’s Publishing Services.

Devin’s poetry has been published in several online and print publications including the Aurorean, the Beat, Napalm and Novocaine, Sandy River Review, and Zygote In My Coffee . His articles and reviews have appeared various places including, Mung Being, NYQ Reviews, Publishers Weekly Select, and The Review Review. He lives in the Western Maine foothills, where in summers he enjoys, camping, fishing, and hiking. In winter he grows a beard and hunkers down. Devin’s first chapbook of poetry After the Hunt was published by Encircle Publications in October 2013.

Devin launched his personal website RiverDevin in 2016.

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