The bad little brother of the Aurorean

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[one_half last=”no” class=”” id=””]Haley Guariglia[/one_half]

[one_half last=”yes” class=”” id=””]FALL 2016[/one_half]

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1800 miles from heart of things I courted
Sand, scoured hidden and folic depressions
I pilfered gold with a boat neck while morning
Tide paraded up and down the beach

Back at my apartment we sat missing
Cushion backs, watching the absence
Of television programs harsh brow

After hours we pressed each other
Against glass at Thuan Phat
Named five live bullfrogs and left

We washed one another slowly
Bare apertures eroding
sand drained down me
the gaping horizon, stark red
Welt, etched whisper, gone.


When I say I am Writing From Hell

I do not mean the place that you go
when you’ve done it all wrong
choices kindle hells supposed fire
I am my own force of flame

lips haven’t lapped any sort
of shame as my own
coddled rage I empty into
pitchers to serve at yet to gather

porous imaginings keep me
well fed, terror of a different
wondrous I fall out of
slam day straight and tiny

body of fury belly of air
crunched like discarded
trapping all known feels as feed
breath halts and shakes

the tipping point is neigh
peace enters and exits abruptly
in the corner with a reckoning
I wade aflame.



I do not know what to bring
So I bring it all: the night
I was conceived, the ceiling
Mottled like the moon,
Raw cuts of flank steak
And the last word I spoke
Wooden on my tongue

The trip into town is exhausted
At the local bar greed and vitriol
slip smiles under the table
I wonder if I will ever fit in anywhere
This hot month hands me loneliness
Like sand that runs through my fingers
But leaves its grit behind and gets into
Everything I can’t sweat out of
I feel faintly certain this is rushed
As water beneath my cobbled toes

I wallow the edge and waves
Take pity on me, fashion me a proper coat
Unlike the one I brought. I refuse to do anything
Halfway, I crab-walk down the beach, drunk
On discovery.


[highlight color=”” rounded=”no” class=”” id=””]Haley Guariglia[/highlight]grew up in the creeks of Columbia, MO and currently resides in Kansas City, MO with her boyfriend and 18 year old cat. Her interests include costume creation and reading aloud. Her favorite poet of 2016 is Kate Marvin. She can be found on her blog at