The bad little brother of the Aurorean

Vol. 16 Issue 2


John Casquarelli: Missing Chromosomes

Mitch Earleywine: Dali Morning, Prognosis, and Couples Therapy

Holly Day: Conversations Deferred

Darren Demaree: Warm #5, and Warm #6

Sujash Purna: A Yin-Yang Poem

Rose Knapp: The Unreal Woman

William C. Blome: NYC Wedding

Lana Bella: Oxycontin and Gunmetal Lips (*Editor’s Pick), and Self-Portrait at Midnight

Tony Roberts: On the Juxtaposition Between Beat Literature and Modern Day Bureaucratic Hurdles on an Unusually Warm Winter Day in Rochester, New York

Glen Armstrong: Underdog, and A Brief History of Texture

James Cox: Blue Ribbon



*Editors Pick receives $5.00 credit to the Unrorean (Encircle Publications) bookstore. Congratulations to Lana Bella who won the Editor’s Pick for her poem “Oxycontin and Gunmetal Lips”.