Our Story

The Aurorean is a biannual poetry journal appearing in April and October each year. From 1995-2005, the journal was published quarterly and from Southeastern Massachusetts. We officially moved to Central Maine in 2005 and the expanded biannual format began in 2006.  In January of 2011, NewPages said of our 15th Anniversary Issue: “This little journal will fill you up.” And, in September of 2018, NewPages said: “The Aurorean is a powerhouse of poetry…[It] is more than a journal of poetry. It is a community of writers who, while brought into a collection by editors, seem more like a symposium of poets who planned this publication to gift to their readers—which speaks to the skills of said editors…[It] is a jam-packed journal of poetic delights, one to add to a subscription list.”

Our focus is always poetry of New England, and poetry of the seasons (including haiku) although we are open to other subjects as well. In a world full of angst, we publish poetry that uplifts, inspires, and is meditational, but is not religious or denominational, as we are ever mindful of diversity. The Aurorean routinely publishes the biggest names in the small press. We are just as proud of publishing the work of newer poets.

In 1995 when Cynthia Brackett-Vincent started the Aurorean by asking for submissions from fellow classmates in a community college Creative Writing class, her only desires were to treat poets the way she’d like to be treated as a poet herself, and to give poets a venue for their work that they would be proud of. Twenty-four years later, more than 1,500 poets worldwide have found a home on the pages of the Aurorean. Poets from Canada, England, France, Malta, and Uzbekistan have graced our pages. Poets from Falmouth, Massachusetts and Falmouth Maine have graced our pages as well as poets from Sugarloaf Key, Florida to Lubec, Maine; and from Orange, California to Appleton, Maine.

In 1995, our first issue boasted 16 pages of poetry; currently we offer 61 pages of poetry and 70 pages total in each biannual issue.

The Aurorean has been feature-profiled in Poet’s Market, several-times named a “PICK” by Small Press Review, and is regularly positively reviewed in NewPages.

From the Editor:

Our journal strives to live up to our name, the adjective form of aurora—aurorean—luminescent, like the dawn.