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Publishing a poetry journal is always a labor of love. Consider the cost of postage and printing, as well as the number of poets seeking publication vs. the number of poets who purchase a copy or subscribe to the journals in which their work is published. Consider the time involved in reading—and replying to—hundreds of submissions, and putting a journal together on an ongoing and timely basis. For these reasons most independent small presses accept or solicit support. The Aurorean has carefully planned a program whereby monetary support that ensures the continued life and work of our journal also benefits countless others. This is our Angels Program.

Since our mission is to provide meditational, uplifting poetry, our Angels Program aspires to enrich the literary life of others by providing free subscriptions to rural, inner city and otherwise deserving libraries throughout the U.S., as well as providing single copies to educational institutions.

Here’s how it works: for each $50 Angels contribution, half of that gift is earmarked to the continued life of the Aurorean. The other half purchases a 1-year subscription to a deserving library, and provides a single copy to an educational institution.

Angels gifts can be in the purchaser’s name, anonymous, and/or in honor/memory of a loved one. Each Aurorean publishes the names of new Angels (unless the gift is anonymous).

The subscription can go to the library of the purchaser’s choice if desired.

Angels receive a small Aurorean gift as a thank-you upon receipt.

To become an Angel, go to:

Aurorean Angel donation

For general donations in increments of $5, go to:

General Donation

Thanks so much for your support!