The Final Issue

Well, the final issue of the Aurorean has been mailed out. I’d like to share my thoughts with you on what, for me, is the end of an era and the beginning of a new phase in my life. I look forward to spending more time on my memoir-in-progress (about growing up as a Jehovah’s Witness in America’s hometown in the 1960s), as well as focusing on the full-length poetry and fiction Encircle is now publishing, plus curating our annual poetry chapbook contest.

Below, I share my editor’s letter from our final issue with all of you.

Cynthia’s “From the Editor,” October 2020

Here we are: the final issue of the Aurorean. It has been my honor to steward this journal for twenty-five years. I have said from day one that without the poets who submitted (entrusted) their work to me, the Aurorean would be nothing but a dream of mine and a bunch of blank pages. It has been a labor of love, and it has become a community of poets worldwide.

Besides the thousands of poets who made my dream a reality, I’d like to thank others who have also made the Aurorean possible. First, thanks to my husband Eddie, for his unwavering support, and for his ability to make our covers so appealing. Thanks to Devin McGuire for his years of steadfast assistant-editorship. Thanks to our past interns from the University of Maine at Farmington’s creative writing program. Thanks to family and friends for their support, and to my mother (1927–1999) who affectionately called the Aurorean “Cindy’s little magazine.” Thanks to the many poets who have become real friends through our Aurorean correspondence. Thank you, especially, to our subscribers, whose support enabled us to print and mail the Aurorean for all these years.

Speaking of subscribers—those of you whose subscriptions are paid beyond this issue—please be patient with us as we calculate dates of subscription monies received and dates of expiration in order to refund outstanding balances.

I wish you all the best (especially in this trying time of COVID-19) as you continue your unique poetic journeys. I wish you all the best for the upcoming holiday season. I wish you all the best for at least the next twenty-five years to come!

With gratitude, Cynthia

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Update: Final Issue

An update for our readers/subscribers/contributors: Due to unforeseen but serious delays in the last few months, the final issue  of the Aurorean will be mailed out in September. Thank-you all for your patience!

Final Issue: Spring/Summer 2020 (June)

Important Notice: We are suspending publication of the Aurorean after we put out the Spring/Summer 2020 issue (already in-progress and now due to be published in June). The final issue in June will bring us full circle to complete twenty-five years of continuous publication.

We remain ever-grateful for our contributors, supporters, readers, and subscribers. We are proud to have published over 1,600 poets from all over the world since 1995. Our decision to suspend publication will now free up our publisher/editor to focus on her memoir-in-progress, and to dedicate more time to the full-length books (fiction and poetry) that Encircle is now publishing.

Please be patient with us as we wrap up the Spring/Summer issue, work on archiving much of the Aurorean’s website, and refund any remaining/outstanding subscription payments. You may order the final issue and available back issues at You may still contact us with questions or concerns at With gratitude, we send you our very best wishes.

Fall/Winter 2019–2020 Issue

Our Fall/Winter 2019–2020 issue is here—just in time for Maine’s first snowfall! We are delighted to offer you featured poems by Sara Letourneau and Martin Willitts, Jr., showcase poetry by Maureen Ash, Peter Neil Carroll, Carol Grametbauer, and Dave Nielsen, bookend poetry by Lorraine Caputo and Mary Ann Mayer, and sixty other talented poetic voices including Robbie Gamble, Simon Perchik, and Neil Silberblatt.

Order your copy here to keep you warm all through the early-dark days of late fall and winter:

Reminders: We are currently reviewing for Spring/Summer 2020. Get your submissions in by February 15th, 2020 (snail mail or through Submittable). We are looking for seasonal quotes for our Spring/Summer issue—if we use your quote, we send you two free issues! Please see our contests page.

Also, we look forward to our 25th Anniversary Issue, to be published late October 2020. Keep an eye out here for our celebratory plans which will include a public reading.

One last note: If you are a subscriber, renew now (or renew early to extend your subscription) to lock in our 2019 price. We have not raised our rates in over a decade, but due to postal costs rising exponentially in the last few years, we must do so beginning with the 25th Anniversary Issue. Here is the subscriber link: YOU MAY SUBSCRIBE OR RENEW FOR AS MANY YEARS AS YOU LIKE USING THE QUANTITY BUTTON TO INSURE THE 2019 PRICE.

As we move into the holidays season, we wish you happy celebrations!

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