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We are a traditional book publisher, however if you are more interested in self publishing we offer production services through our services page. For traditional publishing queries you are at the right place.

For Author queries please read, then fill out the form below.

 Our Author query form acts as our virtual mini slush pile. Our editors go through this on a regularly scheduled basis. The thing to remember as you fill out this form is that we want you to sell your book to us in 1000 words or less. It’s up to you how you do that. It could be a synopsis, a snippet, or anything that would pique our interest and provoke us to want a deeper look. All queries will be reviewed within six months of their submission and replied to. If your query interests us we will contact you and ask you to send your fully completed manuscript for our final evaluation. If upon a final evaluation we decide to publish your manuscript we will contact you with our contract offer and some ancillary information sheets for you to fill out.

At Encircle we are committed to our authors as partners in our success. We want our authors to feel as though this is a partnership because in reality that’s what it is. Nobody knows your book as well as you do, and nobody can sell your book as well as you can. We’ll do our job to help you by making sure that your book’s interior and exterior are as attractive as possible, and that it is clean and free of errors. Finally we’ll get it into all the major sales channels for both big box retailers, independent bookstores and libraries as well. As our partner we expect an active participation from our authors in the marketing of your book. We expect and encourage readings and book signings, blogging, and an active social media presence. In general our contracts are geared to offer a much larger author royalty percentage than that of most traditional publishers. Because we approach our relationship with our authors like a partnership there are specific requirements and expectations that authors must meet and adhere to when agreeing to sign on with Encircle Publications. These are but not limited to the following:

Stick to Manuscript Guidelines.

Send your manuscript via email after we ask for it and only after we ask for it. Manuscripts should be sent in an MS Word doc or as an Adobe PDF. Manuscripts should be typed in a standard serif font like, Times, Cambria, or Century at a 12pt. Lines should be double spaced. Your pages should have wide margins, and opening chapters and section breaks should start at the margin with all subsequent paragraphs indented.

 Send only substantively edited manuscripts.

No early drafts! As our partner in success we expect our authors to have worked with a third party content editor on their manuscript prior to submitting it to Encircle. Your manuscript should have no inconsistencies with characterization, dialogue, plot, timeline, tension, tone, etc. While we do have experienced editors on staff to help make our books the best they can be we strive for a publishing timeline that is swifter than that of most traditional houses. Overly flawed manuscripts will be rejected out of hand.

Provide materials in a timely manner.

If and when we ask for your manuscript we do so with the notion that after a quick review and potential acceptance of your book it will immediately enter our publishing pipeline. Once a book enters our pipeline it is given a publication date and is then on a time schedule. Because of this we request authors to complete and return all required materials and revisions to us in a timely manner.

Please note: This query form is intended for full book length manuscripts. If you wish to submit a manuscript for a poetry chapbook please visit our poetry Submittable page at:

Please note: Please note: Our schedule for the Summer/Fall 18′ publishing season is now full. Any queries submitted after March 8, 2018 will be considered for the Fall/Winter 18′ 19′ publishing season and we will reply by June 1, 2018.