Our 2018 Chapbook Contest winner, Lee Varon, has scored a marvelous new review up on Boston Small Press and Poetry Scene. Posted 3/24/19 by Alexis Ivy, here is an excerpt:

“In Lee Varon’s first chapbook, Letters to a Pedophile, she creates a true relationship between the abused and the abuser. It is complicated and Varon expresses that complication through images and line breaks. Her poems are formal—they are written in a series: the title is also the first line and they all attribute to you—the receiver of the message. This pattern is very insightful. She is showing the reader a sense of compulsion that is a symptom of the you in her book. This makes the poems even more heartbreaking and at times we feel sympathy as she humanizes the you.”
“Letters to a Pedophile is a stunning collection. You feel the truth and pain it took to write each poem. Art is how to transform trauma. Varon shares with us a topic that is hard to face. She has shown us how she processes trauma by using the technique of poetry. She has made this subject not only approachable, but brilliantly moving.”

Congratulations to Lee on this fantastic review!

Thank-you to Alexis Ivy for the insightful read.