Encircle Publications is pleased to announce its nominations for poetry we have published in the calendar year 2019.

They are as follows:

1) “Feast” by Thomas A. West, Jr., from the Spring/Summer 2019 (Vol. XXIV Issue 1) issue of the Aurorean

2) “Letter to a Pedophile: In the Ruins I Search for You” by Lee Varon, from the book, Letters to a Pedophile

3) “When We Had Orchards When We Had Moonbeams” by Helen Leslie Sokolsky, from the Fall/Winter 2019–2020 (Vol. XXIV Issue 2) issue of the Aurorean

4) “Waiting for the Results” by Kyle Potvin, from the book Except for Love: New England Poems Inspired by Donald Hall

5) “Charlie Chaplin Jumps the Median” by D. E. Green, from the book, Jumping the Median

6) “Tenebrae” by Mark J. Mitchell, from the book, Starting from Tu Fu.

Congrats to all of our nominees! We are grateful for your words.