Join us as we celebrate National Poetry Month 2017.


April has arrived! National Poetry Month begun in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets is a celebration that highlights the legacies and contributions of American Poets, encourages the reading of poetry in classrooms and public spaces, and encourages support for poets and poetry in general. There are many ways you can join in on the celebration and show your support for poets and poetry. The National Academy of American Poets has put together a great list on 30 ways to celebrate national poetry month. One way to celebrate and support poetry is to buy and read poetry books. Encircle is running a special offer all month long to help you with your celebration.

Order any book of poetry from Encircle Publications during the month of April and we will also send you a FREE chapbook of poetry titled Nectar, by Lisa Bellamy.

Nectar was the winner of our inaugural annual poetry chapbook contest back in 2011. Here’s what reviewers have said:

“My Sweet Little Pigeons’ caught me immediately … richly packed opening sentences that are simultaneously funny and disturbing. The imagination in this poem is strikingly alive … An impressively vigorous poem. 

Mark Halliday in Fugue, Guggenheim Fellowship recipient, judge of the 2008 Fugue Poetry Prize on Bellamy’s winning poem included in Nectar

“The question that begins Lisa Bellamy’s elegant and eloquent collection of poems is a poignant one: are we all ‘just wind and gristle’? … This skilled pet goes on to assure us that we are not … Sadness is everywhere … but like the bees ‘mixing nectar with tears’ to produce honey—so is joy.”

Eleanor Lerman, author of The Sensual World Re-Emerges (Sarabande Books); Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize and NEA Poetry Prize Fellowship recipient

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