Al Lamanda

Al Lamanda is a native of New York City. In addition to his many mysteries, he also writes Western novels under the name Ethan J. Wolfe. He has been nominated for many awards, and won the Nero Wolfe Award for Best Mystery of the Year for his novel, With 6 You Get Wally, book five in the John Bekker Mysteries. The series continues with Who Killed Joe Italiano? (2018), For Deader or Worse (2019), and The Case of the Missing Fan Dancer, published by Encircle Publications in March, 2022. His latest stand-alone novel, City of Darkness, was published by Encircle in January, 2021. He has two Rollie Finch Mysteries, Once Upon a Time on 9/11 (April, 2021), and Rollie and the Missing Six (August, 2022). Al is always working on his next novel.

Al Lamanda - Bio Image

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