J. K. Knauss

J. K. Knauss (Jessica Knauss) grew up in Northern California and lives in Spain. In between, she’s resided in Massachusetts, Oregon, Iowa, Leeds (England), Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, and Granada, Córdoba, Sevilla, and Salamanca, Spain. No matter where she’s been, she’s had two abiding loves: books and Spain. They culminated in her PhD in medieval Spanish literature at Brown University, and in the medieval epic novel, Seven Noble Knights (Encircle Publications, 2020). She is the author of the short story collection, Our Lady’s Troubadour and Other Miraculous Tales (Encircle Publications, 2021), which is also available in Spanish as Trovador de Santa María. Visit her website, www.JessicaKnauss.com.

J.K. Knauss - Bio Image

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