Sharon L. Dean

Sharon L. Dean grew up in Massachusetts where she was immersed in the literature of New England. She earned undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of New Hampshire, a state she lived and taught in before moving to Oregon. Although she has given up writing scholarly books that require footnotes, she incorporates much of her academic research as background in her mysteries, and continues to write and research in the landscape she’s still discovering in the Northwest.

Sharon is the author of three Susan Warner Mysteries as well as a literary novel titled Leaving Freedom. Her mystery series featuring librarian and reluctant sleuth Deborah Strong includes The Barn (Encircle, 2020), The Wicked Bible (Encircle, 2020), and now the third in the series, Calderwood Cove, which brings Deborah from New Hampshire to the coast of Maine, has been published by Encircle in 2022. You can learn more at, and follow Sharon L. Dean, Author, on Facebook, and @sharonldean3 on Instagram.

Sharon Dean - Bio Image

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