A Deadly Courtship, by Karen Hanson Stuyck

A Deadly Courtship, by Karen Hanson Stuyck



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A Deadly Courtship
An Alexandra Sinclair Mystery
by Karen Hanson Stuyck
Historical Mystery
Pub Date: 04/02/18
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-893035-91-1
$16.99 Paperback
$2.99 eBook

In 1818 London, fashionable society views Alexandra Sinclair as an outspoken bluestocking from a scandalous family. Then word gets out that she is about to receive a sizeable inheritance. Suddenly Alexandra has a flood of eager suitors, all displeased to learn that she intends to never marry. Instead she plans to use her fortune to reopen The Refuge, a home her beloved grandmother established for abused wives and their children.

Alexandra is surprised that her polite refusal of marriage proposals provokes such violent reactions. A would-be poet published vicious lies about her in a scandal sheet. A distant relative attempts to manipulate her into marriage by compromising her at a ball. During her walk in Hyde Park, a man in a dark cloak tries to run her down with his carriage.

It seems a good time to leave town. Accompanied by her reformer aunt, her cousin, and his handsome friend, Alexandra travels to Yorkshire to inspect The Refuge, which closed after her grandmother was murdered protecting a runaway wife from her enraged husband. Soon after they arrive, a coal miners’ strike brings chaos to the area. Her family insists Alexandra abandon her plans and flee for safety. She refuses to leave.

Adding to the danger is the reappearance of two of her rejected suitors. Having failed at conventional forms of courtship, they now move on to blackmail, battery, and kidnapping to try to coerce her into marriage. Alexandra is forced to fight for her independence—and her life.

“What a great read! Karen Hanson Stuyck clearly knows her audience. A Deadly Courtship (An Alexandra Sinclair Mystery) is a fast-paced, adventurous kind of historical romance…” —Reader’s Favorite

A Deadly Courtship has to be one of the most unique, sensational and intriguing books I have ever had the pleasure of reading! Karen Hanson Stuyck is a newly discovered author of mine but I have heard exceptional things about her so I was keen to read and review her newest release, A Deadly Courtship. The description of A Deadly Courtship fascinated me because it alludes to topics – such as not marrying and dangerous male egos – that are present in the world today. A Deadly Courtship could be described as a feminist novel as it certainly explores such themes throughout the book but mostly it is a thrilling mystery that follows the protagonist of the story on her journey to do good and never give up.”—Aimee Ann, Red Headed Book Lover Blog



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