A Message In Poison

Sparks fly as Dr. Lily Robinson, the brilliant academic pathologist and covert assassin for the U.S. Government, investigates two seemingly unrelated deaths alongside her lover, Agent Jean Paul Marchand, and Washington, D.C. Medical Examiner Dr. Logan Pelletier.


A U.S. Senator and the president of a developing nation are found dead in their beds. As governments thousands of miles apart react to the fallout and begin their investigations, no one claims responsibility, and no motives are clear. Yet, the cause of death implies a link between the two—one that only a mind versed in poisons and politics can decipher. With her personal relationships teetering on the brink and her loved ones facing foreign threats, Lily must unravel the mystery and uncover a plot more calculating than anyone could imagine—but it may be too late.

A Message in Poison, the third part of the Art of Secret Poisoning trilogy (The Queen of All Poisons and The Power of Poison), continues with twists and turns as Dr. Lily Robinson travels the globe, stares down death, and finds herself at “another crossroad, another choice between life real or imagined.”

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August 12, 2022

Intricate plot, intricate character

In the third installment in the Dr. Lily Robinson series we are shown more of the emotional conflicts and the toll her chosen path has on the character. Against the background of international intrigue, assassinations, and, of course, poison, is Lily’s attempt at normalcy: love, family and career. This is a well written, intricate plot with lots of moving pieces that twist together. And, as we have come to expect, BJ Magnani leaves us with a clue as to Lily’s next adventure. We will just have to wait for the next episode!

S Holmes
May 20, 2022

A compelling mystery/thriller

The storyline in A Message in Poison includes tantalizing references to the events and characters featured in the previous two books of the trilogy. While some readers might prefer to read the books in order, I found this story so well written that it easily stands on its own. The author skillfully integrates her in-depth expertise in toxicology and all things medical into a well-researched landscape of global politics and covert operations. The author does a brilliant job of building multidimensional characters whose worldviews are the result of early influences and cataclysmic events that ultimately led them to their chosen paths. From the earliest chapters, it’s clear that Dr. Robinson is burdened by her own experiences and her complex—and seemingly contradictory—professions. She struggles with the knowledge that the secrets she carries would, if revealed, likely prove as deadly as the poisons that have become the tools of her trade in the covert anti-terrorism unit. As the story progresses, she recognizes the dangerous consequences should her two worlds collide. Can she find the right path for herself and for those she loves? BJ Magnani delivers a well-plotted mystery that will have you on the edge of your seat and keep you reading far into the night. Highly recommend!

L. Fisher
April 22, 2022

Loved it!

Dr, Magnani has done it again! I read and enjoyed her first two Lily Robinson books with much relish. After reading “A Message in Poison” all expectations were met and exceeded. Dr. Magnani has carefully woven each presenting situation into the existing complexity this book offers – drawing the reader in, leaving the reader hungry for answers. As the story line twists and turns, development of the characters grows. Complex relationships and emotions are deftly managed leaving the reader to fully identify with what the characters face. The longer I read the more I knew I wasn’t going to be able to put this gem down until i had read the last word.

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