A Mystery Yarn


While making the rounds to visit her fellow shopkeepers in Ominpodge Village Center, Pru Pendergast overhears an argument between her obnoxious landlord, Bart Cunard, and Sally Midge Cunard, Bart’s ex-wife, during which Sally Midge accuses Bart of being involved in shady real estate dealings with developer Larry Ludwick. Pru also hears jewelry shopkeeper Jake Yalley defend Sally Midge and threaten Bart. 

When Pru visits Flo Florrest’s yarn shop, Bart comes in and gets into a shouting match with Flo. Pru next goes to Bea Potter’s bookstore and listens to Bea complain about Bart sexually harassing her. Then Pru has lunch with best friend Herb Hanover—of Herb’s Herbs—and he cries about Bart calling him hateful names while Herb is still sensitive over his partner’s death. 


Pru returns to her shop, Driftwood Creatives, to find Bart dead, garroted with driftwood handles and brown Vicuna yarn. She also notices that Bart’s diamond ring is missing from his hand. Because his body is found in her shop, Detective James Moriarty immediately questions Pru and accuses her of murder, but she’s certainly not the only suspect. Pru must escape attacks on her own life and avoid being arrested until she can find the real killer and solve the crime, all while trying to catch the eye of her new sort of boyfriend.

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