Across the Cheyenne River

Russell Archer has come to Wyoming to fulfill his dream of having his own land. After Archer works for one season on Lidge Mercer’s ranch, Mercer offers to make him a junior partner. Before long, however, Archer learns that Mercer may need a bodyguard more than a partner.


Then Mercer is found dead, and Archer feels an obligation to solve the crime. Now the real difficulties set in, as the killers come for Archer and his sweetheart, Kate, one at a time. For Archer and Kate, the path leads to their own land across the Cheyenne River, but there are a great many obstacles in their way.

Based on 12 Reviews
July 5, 2016

4.0 out of 5 stars One More Success for John Nesbitt.

Another fine Western by John Nesbitt. Nesbitt’s always been good with his prose. His writing style, while simple, is highly descriptive. He knows the settings of which he writes, and I think the dialogue of his characters is excellent. Also, he rations very carefully the amount of violence in his stories; when tempers flare and violence breaks out, it seems to have more of an impact on the reader. Highly recommended.

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