Aliens, Drywall, and a Unicycle

Aliens, Drywall, and a Unicycle


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Aliens, Drywall, and a Unicycle
by Kevin St. Jarre
Pub Date: 11/6/20
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-64599-067-3
$15.99 Paperback
25.99 Hardcover
$3.99 eBook

Tom Tibbets, takes a job at a small weekly newspaper in Portage, New Hampshire, and an apartment in the old Cooper Building where the residents form a kaleidoscope of the odd, interesting, and insane.
One believes in aliens, another is a pothead philosopher, while still others play with illegal explosives for fun.  A vegan pacifist lives there, along with nomadic born-again Christians, a schizophrenic unicycle rider, and a mysterious wise man.
At first, Tom feels like the only “normal” person in the building.  However, he soon believes that the very people he at first considered unstable and strange have become a lens through which he gets a new look at himself and everything else.
But when something happens that leaves the tenant community changed and off-balance, Tom comes to wonder if his karmic weight, added to the Cooper building, has thrown off the bizarre status-quo energetic equilibrium of the place.  In the end, Aliens, Drywall, and a Unicycle is the story of growth from delusion to examination to awareness of what is truly important in life.






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