Arctic Storm

Call of the Wild meets Brother Bear in this epic tale of adventure, endurance, and young love–a heroic journey tested against America’s last frontier.

The year is 1908, and Anya and the gentle Chukchi sled dogs she has raised have been traded away from their native Siberia and set on a perilous course across the Bering Sea to the gold-rich territory of Alaska—landing them in a fight for survival they didn’t start.


Worlds brush past, both human and spirit. Good and Evil are born into each: some become master; some do not. While all of Russia shakes, the waters of the Bering Sea roll and crash, and the wilds of the Alaska frontier quake in the roar of the powerful ice storm brewing, only the Gatekeepers of the Chukchi–the pair of huskies guarding the gates of heaven–and the gods of the Vikings hear and are called to the unnatural breach on Native Earth, summoning two young guardians to the fight, relying on their human spirit to prevail in the coming war of ghosts.

Thirteen-year-old Anya is a Chukchi shaman, a medium able to pass between the spirit world and the human world. She will do anything to protect her dogs. Forced onto a deadly journey to save them, she crosses paths with a sixteen-year-old seafarer, Rune Johansson. Together they will make a stand against phantom predators hiding in shadow, waiting to strike.

The ice storm is coming…

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