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A Field Guide to Armageddon
by Gary Alexander
Pub Date: 4/1/19
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-948338-39-4
$16.99 Paperback
$2.99 eBook

We know what happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963. Well, perhaps not the whole story. The JFK assassination was heartbreaking for most, but to a few a financial disaster. It didn’t go as they had planned. Lee Harvey Oswald and their own hired killer ruined everything. WWIII didn’t start. As a result, for-profit Armageddon didn’t occur, costing them 10 tons of gold.

Hit-man Jonathon Smith, aka Fred Miller, set up to take the fall as a Soviet assassin, instead took a powder and vanished, retiring as a killer-for-hire to begin a new life with his young family.

Fifty-six years later, Smith collapses in the alley behind their home, succumbing to old age. So everyone except his 82-year-old widow believes. She proves differently, that he had been poisoned, which forces her to tell all to her two adult children, a secret she has kept since 1963.
The 10 tons of gold, now worth $300,000,000+, remain in a Swiss bank, there for the taking. Descendants of those chasing it in 1963 are after it too, with a bloodthirsty resolve. Billions killed in a nuclear holocaust? No problem. It’s merely a cost of doing business.
All that stands in their way is Betty Smith and her 50-something kids, Judith and Theodore.