Bad Blood Sisters

Bad Blood Sisters


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Bad Blood Sisters
by Saralyn Richard
Pub Date: 3/9/2022
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-64599-320-9
$17.99 Paperback
$27.99 Hardcover
$4.99 eBook

Quinn McFarland has grown up around dead bodies…

Quinn’s always joked about death, but this summer, death stops being funny. For one thing, her brother finally undergoes transplant surgery. For another, Quinn’s estranged BFF—her “blood sister”—is brought into the family mortuary, bludgeoned to death.

Quinn is haunted by the past, her friendship gone awry, and the blood oath she’s sworn to keep secret. The police consider her a person of interest, and someone threatens her not to talk. Quinn is the only one who knows enough to bring the killer to justice, but what she’s buried puts her in extreme danger.

Fans of Lisa Jewell, Shari Lapena, and the Emmy Award–winning TV series, Six Feet Under, will stay up late reading BAD BLOOD SISTERS.



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