Bearly Evident


A Kristy Farrell Mystery • Book 4

When a body is found in the Happy Place Animal Sanctuary, wildlife reporter Kristy Farrell is on the case. She discovers this was no accident—it was murder.

Five people were present at the sanctuary when the death occurred. As Kristy digs deeper into the victim’s past, she uncovers dark secrets affecting each of these five suspects—providing powerful motives for the crime.


Meanwhile, life is anything but calm on the home front. The best friend of Kristy’s widowed mother is the victim of a pyramid scam. Kristy, assisted by her veterinarian daughter, is determined to expose the fraud, although it may be at great personal risk. 

Back at the sanctuary, things are spiraling downhill. Wolves escape, and another body is found. With the bad publicity, the sanctuary may be forced to close. And a killer is still on the loose!  

Despite being thwarted at every turn by her nemesis, the blustery Detective Wolfe, Kristy uncovers a major hole in the alibi of a key suspect. But as she gets nearer to closing in on this murderer, she might become the third victim.


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