Bloody Soil

A Kolya Petrov Thriller • Book 3

Evil is on the rise again in Germany. When a mysterious American calling himself Michael Hall arrives in Berlin to join Germany Now, a far-right group, he must prove himself by shooting a prominent Jewish anti-Nazi activist, or face certain death. Afterwards, Germany Now welcomes him into its ranks, planning to use his weapons expertise to create a dictatorship dedicated to the Nazi ideals of ‘Blood and Soil.’


Michael, though, has attracted the deadly attention of an unexpected enemy, Lisette. The girlfriend of a neo-Nazi leader, Lisette has a dark secret. To avenge the assassination of her father years earlier, she infiltrated the group, slowly eliminating the killers among them, and has targeted Michael as her next victim.

But is Michael the murderer she believes him to be? And by killing him, could Lisette unknowingly destroy the only chance to save German democracy?


Coming soon in Audiobook!

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