Product Description

“Too many small moments are lost behind us as we trudge ever forward on this sad and beautiful planet. B. Z. Niditch’s Boston, Fall recaptures some of them for me, to remember and rub and put in my pocket. …It’s a rare writer who can take what’s been sitting invisibly in front of you all along and give it size and solidity. And a heartbeat.”

—Patrick Carrington, Former Poetry Editor of Mannequin Envy on Boston Fall and Other Poems

“B.Z. Niditch is like The Wandering Poet searching the world for Truth, Art, and the Lessons of History.”

Donald Lev, Editor, Home Planet News on B.Z. Niditch

“…B.Z.’s inventiveness with and feel for language are uncommonly consistent, and make us always look forward to opening his envelopes.”

Blaine R. Hammond on B.Z. Niditch