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Burton’s Solo



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Burton’s Solo
An Elder Darrow Mystery (Book Three)
by Richard J. Cass
Pub Date: 11/1/18
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-948338-30-1
$16.99 Paperback
$3.99 eBook

When Dan Burton beats up Antoine Bousquet, the clothing designer suspect in the murder of two Chinese seamstresses, he jeopardizes his job as a homicide detective and his life. Bousquet is released without bail because of Burton’s mistake. When Bousquet turns up dead, beaten and tortured, Burton becomes the prime suspect. The department’s Internal Affairs inspectors, Bousquet’s live-in lover, several Russian gangsters, and the kingpin of the Boston underworld are all looking for Burton. But Elder Darrow, his best friend and proprietor of the Esposito bar, hides Burton and helps save his position on the Boston Police Department and rescue him from death. In the process, they expose an evil scheme by which illegal immigrants were effectively enslaved to work in Antoine Bousquet’s sweat shops.


“Atmospheric and dark, In Solo Time by Richard J. Cass rivets you with live jazz, memorable characters, and a series of murders that point to Big Politics played by the best—Boston’s cut-throat wealthy.  From police work to tangled love affairs, this killer of a reading ride will entertain and haunt you.”
— Gayle Lynds, New York Times bestselling author of The Assassins and The Book of Spies

“Dick Cass’s version of noir Boston is dark and beautiful as a back alley after a morning rain. In Solo Time offers another few hours inside the head of Elder Darrow, who may be one of the most interesting bar owners you’ll have the pleasure of meeting. I half-expected Spenser and Hawk to wander into the shadowy reaches of the Esposito, just looking for answers to a few questions. A good story and graceful writing make for a compelling trip through Boston’s back streets.”
— Gerry Boyle, author of the Jack Mcmorrow and Brandon Blake mysteries












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