Carrion Moon

Private Investigator Brig Ellis is on his way to spread the ashes of a friend with whom he once soldiered. His nostalgic journey soon becomes a nightmare, however, when hideous murders occur and Ellis is labeled the prime suspect. The more information that comes to light, the more it looks as if the killings might have something to do with a military mission that went off the rails years ago. Soon, Ellis is on the run, trying to solve the mystery and stay out of the authorities’ clutches.


While the police are hot on his trail, his pursuit of the real killers takes Ellis not only across the country but deep into the past as well. What’s the connection between the mission that resulted in a night he’ll never be able to forget and the horror happening around him now? Could any of his former squad mates be involved? Are they even still alive? And if so, for how long? The clock is ticking and the bodies are falling as Ellis searches for answers.


Hardcover available exclusively through Amazon:

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