Dark Prairie

A stranger named Dunbar comes to the town of Winsome, on the plains of Wyoming, on a summer day in the 1890s.


He goes to work at the Little Six ranch and begins to look into the affairs of Tut Whipple, a water project developer. The investigation starts small, with the tracking down of stolen beef that was delivered to the crew working on the reservoir and canal project. Whipple sends his hired men to intimidate Dunbar but has no luck. Whipple himself avoids Dunbar, even when the newcomer develops an acquaintance with Whipple’s wife. As the antagonism between Dunbar and Whipple becomes stronger, with one of the Little Six riders being killed by one of Whipple’s men, it seems that the disappearance of a young woman might be related to Whipple’s other shady dealings. The stakes go up as Whipple’s men come after Dunbar again, now with guns, and Whipple can no longer avoid a showdown on the dark prairie.

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Wallace J. Swenson
February 8, 2015

4.0 out of 5 stars Nesbitt can cut the "mustard"

“Dark Prairie” presents the sight, sound and smell of the old West, the very essence of a place long gone and sorely missed.”

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