Death Along the Spirit Road

First in the Spirit Road Mystery series!

Eighteen years ago, FBI agent Manny Tanno thought he was leaving the impoverished Pine Ridge Reservation for good. Now a case forces him to return, digging up memories of his proud Sioux ancestry-and some family he’d rather forget..


The body of local Native land developer Jason Red Cloud is found on the site of his new resort near Pine Ridge Village. A war club is lodged in his skull, and there are clues that suggest a ritual may have been performed at the crime scene. Agent Tanno’s boss orders him to return to the reservation, his former home, and solve the murder in two weeks-or he can kiss his job goodbye.

Manny arrives in Pine Ridge to find that some things haven’t changed since he left. His former rival, now in charge of the tribal police, is just as bitter as ever, and he has no intention of making Manny’s life easy. And the spirit of Red Cloud haunting Manny’s dreams is not much help either. Now Manny is on his own in hunting down a cold-blooded killer-and one misstep could send him down the Spirit Road next..

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