Death in Cantera

Death in Cantera



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Death in Cantera
A Dunbar Novel
by John D. Nesbitt
Pub Date: 7/31/2020
ISBN 978-1-64599-105-2
$14.99 Paperback
$4.99 eBook

“This western mystery set near the turn of the 20th century is rich in western lore.… This book is an entertaining read… the need to complete the book is compelling as the chase to capture the murderer begins to unfold. A surprisingly good mystery novel.”


When the stranger named Dunbar comes to the town of Cantera, he shows interest in the local history, especially the Frenchman’s Quarry, and the death of the owner’s son twenty years earlier. Dunbar inquires about the town marshal, Pat Roderick, and about Dolores Carreau, the Frenchman’s widow. Then, the murders begin.

First is that of a young man who had asked questions about the boy’s death. Next is Tim Sexton, the person who was sent to prison for the boy’s death and who has now returned to town. Shortly thereafter, Dolores tells Dunbar she believes someone is spying on her. As the body count rises, it is Dunbar’s mission to pursue the perpetrator and finally bring him to justice..


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