Death of a Scam Artist

In Death of a Scam Artist, a financial hatchet man who dislikes old people, accepts the job of turning around a failing retirement home and undergoes a life-transforming experience in the world of geezers and geezerettes.


He must deal with a suspicious death, a scam, a hit man, an unexpected romance and retired magician Jerry Rhine and his five whacky sidekicks known as the Jerry-atrics. He faces the most important decision of his life when he uncovers the secret behind an unusual murder.

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Janet Hayes
August 25, 2023

5.0 out of 5 stars A fun and intriguing story

I loved the characters in this novel and the mystery was a good one. I also had a challenge figuring out how Reginald would resolve all of his issues. He certainly is a resilient character. I very much enjoyed the story and it made me laugh.

September 7, 2017

5.0 out of 5 stars Geezer-lit at its best!

Fast-moving with sharply realized characters and a well-crafted plot, "Death of a Scam Artist" is a thoroughly entertaining read. Reginald Bentley is tasked with making a retirement facility turn a profit or be sold, and to "fix it or fry it" in a matter of days.. But a series of often bizarre events, including a mysterious death, complicates the mission. Readers familiar with Mr. Befeler’s often rollicking Geezer-lit novels will welcome this latest tale; those unfamiliar with his work will discover a new and rewarding pleasure.

Karalee Long
September 4, 2017

5.0 out of 5 stars A fun, upbeat read about a homicide with a twist ending at a senior living residence

Befeler deftly entertains and enlightens readers by taking them into the world of senior living and the residents’ oftentimes humorous and surprising activities. Reginald Bentley III, budget-bashing accountant, arrives in Boulder, Colorado, to raise the bottom line or sell the Sunny Crest Independent Living facility. He hates seniors, children, and pets, but his career is on the line. When his budget-cutting tactics backfire, a group of residents calling themselves the Jerry-atrics make his life miserable while causing him to see the seniors in a positive light. Then one of the Gerry-atrics’ daughters, Rebecca, the flame-haired Dragon Lady, sparks an attraction in him he can’t ignore. Unfortunately, neither can he ignore the dead body found on the loading dock floor. Throw in a missing diamond necklace, a resident’s overzealous attorney filing a lawsuit, stolen silverware, and two old men duking it out over a woman, and Reggie becomes a warm, caring person as he learns seniors’ amazing life stories.

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