Death of an Unfortunate Woman

In 1818 London, fashionable society views Alexandra Sinclair as an outspoken bluestocking from a scandalous family. Then word gets out that she is about to receive a sizeable inheritance. Suddenly Alexandra has a flood of eager suitors, all displeased to learn that she intends to never marry. Instead she plans to use her fortune to reopen The Refuge, a home her beloved grandmother established for abused wives and their children.


After the death, local residents, who’ve always viewed their village as a safe haven from big-city crime, demand that the Home be closed. Alex, an ardent social reformer, immediately joins the Home board of directors, determined to keep the establishment open.

More deaths follow, each victim in some way connected to the Home. So, the Home is forced to close. Yet the murders continue. 

The local constables seem incapable of finding the killer. That leaves Alex and two friends—one a fellow board member, the other a feisty former resident—to investigate. They must find this diabolical murderer before the three of them—the only remaining people in the area still associated with the Home—become the next victims.

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