Death Under the Deluge

A corpse is found lashed to a submerged cabin under the Missouri River just south of a Sioux Indian reservation… A corpse tied there perhaps seventy years ago… A corpse shot and tied there just before the river was flooded over a resort island first discovered by the Lewis and Clark Expedition…


FBI Agent Manny Tanno is assigned to assist local law enforcement in the decades-old homicide. Suspects abound, including the owner of a trucking company and a long-dead Lakota Code Talker for the Army in World War Two.

And dangers abound as a deputy sheriff also investigating the case is murdered. Manny’s life is threatened as he’s repeatedly attacked, barely escaping death himself.

Will he survive to solve the cold case and the killing of the young deputy sheriff? Is there even a chance he can find the killer of the deputy? Or any chance the murderer of the floating man is still among the living? Manny must dodge bullets as he works to stay alive long enough to catch the killers.

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