Death Etched in Stone

Lakota FBI Agent Manny Tanno is back in action with his faithful tribal officer sidekick Willie when man is found drowned in a Pine Ridge Reservation Lake. The spparently accidental drowning turns out to be murder, and the investigation takes them on the road to the man’s home reservation in Wyoming.


Out of their element and unwelcome, no one on the Wind River Reservation is going out of their way to help Manny and Willie. In fact, some are purposely getting in the way. It gets even worse when they discover a decades-old unsolved murder with a connection to the man found murdered on Pine Ridge. Meanwhile, back at Pine Ridge, a Rapid City criminal’s car keeps showing up at murder scenes.
Dark forces afoot on both reservations thwart the investigation at every turn. Not to mention the darker visions assaulting Manny at the worst possible times. And it’s not just the spirit world that’s out to get him. The case of the Pine Ridge murder balloons into a rush to catch the Wind River murderer before he racks up more victims—before Manny himself is next.

Based on 46 Reviews
Lewis Smith
March 8, 2022

This is an good and interesting mystery. It is for my moms birthday. I will buy more in the series.

William Bennett
July 27, 2021

You really have to read his books he is an outstanding author I would recommend all his books

Andrea Guerra
March 12, 2019

Been waiting and hoping the author would continue this series. Loved the story and hope Manny , Willie, and Ruebens adventures continue

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