Death of a Guitarist

Death of a Guitarist



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Death of a Guitarist
by James P. Hanley
Pub Date: 3/13/20
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-64599-070-3
$16.99 Paperback
$3.99 eBook

Thin Edges—a California rock group of the early ’70s who have been divided for more than a decade—has an opportunity to re-enter the spotlight and relive their rockand-roll glory days, but that hope is threatened when their guitarist, Blue Crosby, turns up dead, and Cal Lambert, their lead singer, is the prime suspect.

An offer by a movie producer to use the band’s music—written largely by Cal—would bring royalties, renewed interest in their early records, and the possibility of a group revival. However, Crosby, clinging to old grudges, had schemed to upend the windfall for Lambert and the other band members.

Now, almost broke and near arrest as the key suspect, Lambert seeks the help of his estranged son to clear his name and protect the producer’s offer. The investigation by Cal’s son and an assigned police detective uncovers the bad blood between Lambert and Crosby, the rampant drug use and hedonist lifestyle of Laurel Canyon, a suburb of L.A., and the jealousies, rivalries and egos that led to the band’s breakup and fade from fame. Only by going back to the group’s halcyon days in Southern California and sorting through the origins of the animosity can they find the clues that will help them discover who murdered Blue Crosby.




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