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Fallen Wizard


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Fallen Wizard
by S. P. Brown
Pub Date: 11/10/2021
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-64599-300-1
$15.99 Paperback
$25.99 Hardcover
$4.99 eBook

“Using language that is a cut above the typical level for this genre and metaphors which will engage adults as well as kids, Brown creates a world that is beautiful and engaging and populates it with endearing characters you can’t wait to learn more about. An excellent afternoon read, Fallen Wizard deserves a spot on your Must-Read list.”
—Rob Horner

“I absolutely loved this book and most heartily recommend Fallen Wizard to all ages. This is one of those magical tales which can be read and enjoyed again and again.”
—Carol Marrs Phipps

Twelve-year-old Peter Michaels is accustomed to weird things happening with regularity, but when an old man dressed in strange clothes falls from the sky into Peter’s front yard, the weird quotient, as his dad would put it, gets ratcheted way up. Peter does the only thing he can. He helps the man into his house. That mistake leads to a second, the one that puts an end to Peter’s dream of making the all-star baseball team. As Peter soon discovers, comforting a dying wizard puts your mark on an unbreakable pact – one that will ensnare him and his friends, Raven Dakota and Stumpy Simpkins, in a fight for their lives.







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