The Front Wing

In this sequel to The Back Wing, Harold McCaffrey realizes this is his three month anniversary at Mountain Splendor Retirement Home.



Harold helps at an open house by taking names for a waiting list of people wanting to move into the Front Wing of the facility. Afterwards, there is commotion and a dead body is found dead in the lobby. With the help of his witchy girl friend, Bella Alred, and other unusual residents, Harold must solve the mystery of why people on the waiting list are dying.

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Pennydreadful Reader
December 3, 2019

5.0 out of 5 stars I want a slot on the Waiting List

After reading Front Wing, *I* want a slot on the Waiting List. Front Wing is made up of stodgy old folks, while the Back Wing is made up of all kinds of creatures of the night–retired vampires, witches, shapeshifters, werewolves–you name it if you’ve got a special power, Back Wing is your kind of hangout. That is, with the exception of amateur sleuth Harold McCaffrey who is the only normal human among their ranks and doesn’t particularly fit in with the “normal” folks in the Front Wing. Mr. Befeler brings a wide cast of suspects into the mix when a resident unexpectedly dies, another is bludgeoned to death and then other folks on the Waiting List end up injured and put out of commission. Someone wants into the Mountain Splendor Retirement home–and bad. But who is it? Harold and his love interest Bella, a witch who pops in from next door on occasion, are on the case. So much fun, I had to keep reading. Hope to see these characters again soon.

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