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The Front Wing



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The Front Wing
by Mike Befeler
Pub Date: 9/15/19
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-948338-95-0
$15.99 Paperback
$3.99 eBook

In this sequel to The Back Wing, Harold McCaffrey realizes this is his three month anniversary at Mountain Splendor Retirement Home. Harold helps at an open house by taking names for a waiting list of people wanting to move into the Front Wing of the facility. Afterwards, there is commotion and a dead body is found dead in the lobby. With the help of his witchy girl friend, Bella Alred, and other unusual residents, Harold must solve the mystery of why people on the waiting list are dying.

Praise for Mike Befeler’s The Back Wing

“Mike Befeler has crafted a witty and fast-moving paranormal puzzle set in a retirement home that serves a dual population. The Front Wing houses so-called normal geriatrics, and the Back Wing is home to aging witches, werewolves, and shape-shifters. Where else could one enjoy the image of being gummed on the neck by a toothless vampire with dementia? It’s a fun read!”
—Edgar winner Rex Burns

“Mike Befeler turns paranormal on its head in this charming tale of murder, mystery, and things that go dead in the night.”
—Ellen Byerrum, author of the Crime of Fashion Mysteries

“A clever mystery plot, a wacky cast of aging shape shifters, vampires, witches and more, along with a budding romance for widower Harold McCaffrey provide loads of humor and intrigue in Befeler’s new paranormal twist on his trademark geezer-lit mysteries.”
—Cricket McRae, author of the Home Crafting Mystery Series.

“Mike Befeler has done it again. The Back Wing made me laugh out loud. Harold and his geriatric witch girlfriend Bella rock. The mystery intrigued me, and the characters entertained. What more can you ask from a book? I can’t wait for my next visit to the Back Wing.”
—Robert Spiller, author of the Bonnie Pinkwater mysteries.




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