Ghoul of Sherwood

By: Jay Ruud

When Robin Hood hears of the Sheriff of Nottingham’s great archery tournament, nothing can keep him from attending the contest in disguise in the hopes of carrying off the prize right under the Sheriff’s nose. Meanwhile, when Friar Tuck hears of a brutal murder in his hometown of Wallingwells, he is compelled to travel there and uncover the mystery. 


Appalled when a severed head appears hung from the ceiling of the priory chapel, Tuck finds no shortage of suspects for the murder, including three of the victim’s former lovers, a business partner, and a convent full of nuns. Unmasked when he wins the tournament, Robin must flee Nottingham dressed as a woman. But having heard of trouble brewing at Wallingwells Priory, he makes for that town to protect Tuck. 

When Robin arrives, he finds he must not only help Tuck solve a new murder, but also rescue Maid Marion from Guy of Gisbourne’s guards. Tuck, in the meantime, has found that the investigation has raised unsettled ghosts from his childhood and that only his old godmother, the town midwife, can fill in the final pieces of the puzzle to solve the mystery and give Tuck peace.

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